Tripolar Radio Frequency- ReGen


ReGen uses Radio Frequency (RF) to gradually warm tissues between 38 and 40 degrees, breaking down and redistributing fat tissue and shrinking localised collagen distribution. This in turn stimulates new collagen production, which results in firming and toning the skin with improved integrity of the treated areas.

OK! Magazine Review - ReGen

Another new kid on the block, ReGen uses radio frequency to gradually warm the skin to about 40 degrees. This breaks down fat cells and causes collagen fibers to contract, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. The treatment is similar to an ultrasound - clear gel is applied to the problem area, then the therapist glides the magic wand over your skin which gently heats the tissue deep down. Pain factor? Zero, but expect more frequent trips to the bathroom post-treatment - the liquefied fat has to be expelled somehow!

The fine print: Each session costs around $120 and you'll need to commit to at least 10 to see results.