Myopulse Microcurrent

Incorporating the most advanced aerospace technology, these FDA approved, microcurrent instruments stimulate “tissue repair” at the cellular level, rather than "muscle contraction". Utilizing proprietary “carrier wave” technology, the instruments' feedback modulated microprocessors gathers tissue impedance information and in turn provides a gentle current with "waveform control" that “whispers” at tissue accelerating the body's own natural healing abilities.
Myopulse Facial, "Anti-Aging" Machine!
Exceptional therapeutic "energy medicine" modality for anti-aging, scar tissue, cellulite, pain management and deep relaxation. Trusted and used by health spas, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians.  

Myopulse Facial. The most advanced technology to reverse the signs of aging and reduce pain!

Holistic "Energy Medicine" for anti-aging, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, facial contouring, scar tissue, cellulite, deep relaxation, "energy" massages and pain management.
The Myopulse Facial is the latest release of the most advanced "therapeutic" technology in pain control as well as treatment of lines and wrinkles of the face and neck, cellulite, stretch marks and scar tissue. The system includes a unique combination of probes used to treat the "micro muscles" of the face, neck and body, providing an optimal environment to tone muscles and accelerate healing resulting in a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

As with all of Biomedical Design Instruments' equipment, the instrument is an I/O controlled microcurrent device designed for precise treatment delivery required to control even the most difficult pain, trauma and injury cases, including a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue problems.
The Myopulse Facial's therapeutic process can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin by promoting optimal health and reversing or preventing many degenerating effects of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and atrophied muscles. It also works exceptionally well on various skin indications such as acne, scars, discoloration, broken capillaries, bruising and swelling, not to mention, cellulite, stretch marks, post-surgery wound healing and infections. It has proven itself to be an excellent modality for acute and chronic pain management as well as sleep and stress disorders. 

If you want to look and feel younger, reduce stress and anxiety or control pain…then the Myopulse Facial is the anti-aging instrument is for you!